Terms and Conditions

Minimum order amount is 1000€.

Payment term CAD for new customers, 30 days net after proven payment record.

After placing an order you will receive an order confirmation via e-mail. For the 30 days net customers invoicing takes place after the order is dispatched.

Delivery time

Items that are marked as stock items are ready for transportation within 2 days. Delivery time for other items depends of the line in production but is generally 2-3 weeks. These delivery times are confirmed after an order. Big retailers are advised to place their orders 3 months before required delivery date.

Prices are in Euros excluding VAT.

Transportation by DHL. Freight cost will be added due to weight and destination.

Force Majeure

Safety Reflector Finland Oy shall not be liable for any failure to perform its obligations where such failure is a result of war, natural catastrophe, disputes on the labor market, government restrictions, non-delivery from suppliers and any comparable event beyond our control which cannot be considered reasonably predictable, and which affect the entered agreement as well as our commitments.


Prices and conditions are subject to alteration without notice. The price that you will be charged and conditions which are valid are those quoted on the day the order is placed. We make reservations against obviously inaccurate information and for items that are discontinued.