Sheep Dog

Product no.: 221358
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  • TOTAL MOQ of all models that we deliver is 240 reflectors. That equals 2 small floor stands, 10 displays of 24 reflectors or 20 displays of 12 reflectors. Discount from  VAT 0% is related to your order volume.
  • Customization of the single package and top part of the floor stand available for volume orders.
  • On single package CE-markings according to EN13356.
  • Instructions for users in English, Finnish, Swedish, Russia, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, German, French, Italy, Polish, Hungary, Czech, Slovakian, Spanish.

I am a sheep dog, I live to protect

Protecting sheep dog, puppy-like sheep or black sheep of the family? This reflector comes with black ball chain and a metal ring and a parrot hook. Choose to use only some of them or all.


Additional product information

Minimum order quantity 24 pieces

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