Smiling Poo

Product no.: 220252
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  • TOTAL MOQ of all models that we deliver is 240 reflectors. That equals 2 small floor stands, 10 displays of 24 reflectors or 20 displays of 12 reflectors. Discount from  VAT 0% is related to your order volume.
  • Customization of the single package and top part of the floor stand available for volume orders.
  • On single package CE-markings according to EN13356.
  • Instructions for users in English, Finnish, Swedish, Russia, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, German, French, Italy, Polish, Hungary, Czech, Slovakian, Spanish.

Popular good mood reflector

Attach this reflector to your bag and you will be noticed! This reflector comes with black ball chain and a metal ring and a clip. Choose to use only some of them or all.


Additional product information

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Minimum order quantity 24 pieces

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