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Suomalaisten ikoninen TALMU heijastin on nyt So Bright – Se kirkas heijastin.

They give you great margin and full satisfaction for your customers.

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  • Reflectors in display
  • Reflectors For Promotion
  • Reflectors for Shops

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The pedestrian reflector is a Finnish inventionFinnish invention

There are many legends about how the reflector was invented, but this is the true story of how the reflector became a Finnish innovation. 

  • They give you great margin and full satisfaction for your customers.
  • They reflect twice as well as most of the reflectors in the market.
  • Some countries have even placed laws or high recommendations to use reflectors in the dark.
  • Half of the population in Finland is using them.
  • They perform well years, keep their looks, no need for batteries and they are recyclable.

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