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Pedestrian reflector is a Finnish invention, originally named as TALMU

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We ensure that each SoBright and COREFLECT reflector is worthy of its wearer. Our reflectors are about twice as efficient as other reflectors on the market. 

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The pedestrian reflector is a Finnish invention


  • They give you great margin and full satisfaction for your customers.
  • They reflect twice as well as most of the reflectors in the market.
  • Some countries have even placed laws or high recommendations to use reflectors in the dark.
  • Half of the population in Finland is using them.
  • They perform well years, keep their looks, no need for batteries and they are recyclable.



SoBright and COREFELCT reflectors are recyclable 

We take the impact on the environment into account in all our operations. Our environmental system is certified according to ISO 14001. Prevention of environmental pollution, efficient use of resources, protection and continuous improvement of the state of the environment are objectives of our policy. SoBright and COREFLECT reflectors are made of recyclable and environmentally friendly polystyrene. SoBright and COREFLECT reflectors do not contain substances or ingredients harmful to humans or nature that are typical of soft reflectors. There is also no waste in the manufacturing process. We focus on making long lasting products. SoBright and COREFLECT reflectors stay bright and good shape for years to come.


vuosisadan_liikenneteko_safety_reflector_of_finlandThe Most Important Traffic Act of the Century

Our safety reflectors have influenced that half of all Finns are using safety reflectors. Although traffic has increased, there are very few pedestrian deaths in Finland today. In 2017 our safety reflectors awarded as The Most Important Traffic Act of the Century. Well over 100 million reflectors are sold to several countries. We continue manufacturing in Finland(EU) bright, safe reflectors under brand names SoBright and COREFLECT. They are made of green material choices, functional mounting options, stunning multi-color prints and new attractive designs. We promise to keep you noticed! 


CEO Taisto Lehti and desining engineer Kalervo Suomela, TALMU Oy picked the nomination for safety reflectors as The Most Important Traffic Act of the Century.



Quality is ensured in various ways

All SoBright and COREFLECT reflectors have passed stress tests and reflectivity tests of an authorized test house for testing personal protective equipment before the CE and EN13356 marking rights. Reflectors are exposed to hot, cold, rain, drop, abrasion and only then checked for reflectivity. The stress tests reflect the use of the reflector, which the reflector must withstand while still maintaining the visibility requirement defined for the reflector. In addition, the CIL value and the tightness of the seams are checked every two hours during the production phase. Each production batch is documented. The minimum requirement for a reflection value according to EN13356 is 400 C.I.L. (luminance factor). Our own minimum production requirement is 800 C.I.L. however, with our average being 1600 C.I.L. and exceeding the highest values ​​up to 3000 C.I.L. 



We are a pioneer in reflector quality assurance

SoBright and COREFLECT reflectors emphasize high and consistent quality - safety. By investing in production, we ensure that each SoBright and COREFLECT reflector is worthy of its wearer. Our reflectors are about twice as efficient as other reflectors on the market. Quality is a strategic competitive factor for us - Our quality system is based on the certified ISO 9001 standard. The functioning of the quality system and development needs are regularly monitored and measured both internally and externally. We have a similar 16-meter long very accurate CIL measuring device used by the test houses.